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A radio-controlled combative robot we made to amuse ourselves, and spectators, for the Robot Wars competition.

Team Joker - Photo Gallery & Links

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Team Joker - Photo Gallery

The long awaited pictures...

a drive axle

drive assembly

drive axle

driven cogs

emergency stop

go kart tyre

interior welding

joker complete

joker ready for action

latestversion enhanced

led wiring

lift (weapon) motor

making battery bank

safety plug assembly

speed controller

stainless steel spikes

tyre removal

under construction

weapon ends

weapon motor

weapon overload clutch

weapon sharp end

weapon welding

wheel assembly


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Team Joker - Useful Links

Links that we think you might find useful ...
Link NOT currently working! - was a useful site which included rules, events and tips. If anyone knows where they are now please let us know. (Thanks to Roy Bryant, President of SEVENtwentyfour Inc who pointed out our original link to the site was no longer working)
The Wars site, not updated very often but gives news of events to be filmed.
Our speed controller is supplied by this company. They are not cheap but they work well.
R.S. Components: their information books and data sheets are almost essential reading and they provide a good service too but do not deal with the general public.
On the other hand, provide components for all.
A vast site which also deals with events to be televised.
The greatest site devoted to web site coding. We hand coded our site using this resource.
Provide a free, simple, web editing program NoteTab Light, based on Notepad but much enhanced.
Manufacturer of a wide range of geared electric motors.
Explains what to look for in a good speed controller and how they work.
The (new) site of KillerHurtz, a robot which has an axe. (Thanks to Roy Bryant, President of SEVENtwentyfour Inc who pointed out our original link to a Demon hosted site was not working)
Going big? Then look at this site.
Good site for general knowledge about robots.
We wanted to make a machine which operated safely such as Panick Attack.
We were disappointed at first that this robot looked so much like our first machine but then we were delighted that Tornado was so competitive. Perhaps our Joker will be as competitive, if not more so.
I took my Wife to Debenham Robot Rumble and she found it greatly entertaining.
This is "our" John's "daytime" job. Want to learn to drive and live in Ascot/Bracknell area - John is your man!
News about UK robot rumbles
Click here for worldwide robot rumbles
Coding for maze following robots
Schools and college competitions in North America
Speed controllers for robots
Lynch electric motors
A general site for robot builders and plenty of links
It does what it says it does

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